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Avon Animals and Birds

Welcome to our Zoo of the Fantastic!  Featuring the Avon Animals and Birds.  Be careful where you walk, and please don't feed any of them because if you do, they might be apt to follow you home!

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Avon Pert Penguin Decantur
This unusual Avon Pert Penguin Decantur is approx. 3 1/2" tall, and is a very cute addition ..
Avon Bloodhound Pipe
This unique Avon Bloodhound Pipe is an addition to your Avon, pipe, or dog collection you can'..
Avon Small Wonder Glass Worm Bottle
This very cute worm, Avon's Small Wonder Glass Worm Bottle, will *worm* its way into the most..
Avon Baby Bunny Decanter
This cute little Avon Baby Bunny is just the sweetest thing!  Measuring only 2 1/2", fi..
Avon Vintage Precious Doe Decanter
This Vintage Avon Precious Doe has no box but is in great condition.  It has only one little..
Avon Wild Turkey Decanter
Introducing Mr. Tom Turkey.  Well, actually he's Avon's Wild Turkey.  He's ..
Avon Mallard-In-Flight Decanter
Vintage Avon 1974-1976 Wild Mallard-In-Flight Decanter used to contain Tai Winds After Shave. &nb..
Avon Mallard Decanter
This poor mallard has been through a couple encounters, but he's still good for the wear. &nb..
Avon Pretty and Perfect Turtle
Such an unusual turtle, with a beautiful shell that looks like abalone, and his body is gold. &nb..
Avon Fuzzy Bear
This cute little guy is Avon's Fuzzy Bear.  He was born in 1977 and is 3 1/4" tall...
Avon Royal Swan
Avon's 1971 Royal Swan is so detailed and majestic, you can just picture her gracefully glidi..
Avon Basset Hound Decanter
This little sweetie is only 3 1/2" tall.  Introducing Avon's Basset Hound Decanter...
Avon St. Bernard Decanter
You'll fall in love with this sweet face.  The Avon St. Bernard Collector Bottle is appr..
Avon Vintage Swan Decanter
This Majestic Vintage Swan Decanter is in great condition.  The white glass itself is in exc..
Avon Vintage Silver Fawn Decanter
This Vintage Avon Silver Fawn bottle seems to be full of Charisma Cologne.  It's in mint..
Avon Bucking Bronco Decanter
Vintage Avon Bucking Bronco Decanter Brown Bronco is perfect with no chips or cracks. ..
Avon Red Robin Decanter
Avon's Red Robin Decanter is filled with Bird of Paradise Cologne.  Measuring 2 1/2"..
Avon Owl Decanter
Avon Large Owl Decanter. Decanter is empty. Outside of decanter has just a small ..
Avon Skunk Decantur
Avon even has a Skunk!  Their Skunk Decantur is filled with Sweet Honesty Cologne, which mak..
Avon Island Parakeet Decanter
If you adopt this Avon Island Parakeet, he promises not to make a sound or a mess.  Made in ..
Avon Baby Owl Decantur
Avon's Baby Owl Decantur is almost full with Sweet Honesty Cologne.  Measuring approxima..
Avon Frog Decanter
This adorable little frog, approximately 2 1/4" tall, is very likely to be one of your favor..
Avon Pheasant Decanter
This Avon Pheasant Decanter is so beautiful in its detail and colors.  Standing just under 6..
Avon Arctic King Decanter
This highly collectible Arctic King by Avon is a very unusual piece, not one you would normally a..
Avon Milk Glass Partridge Decanter
It's hard to believe this Milk Glass Partridge is from Avon in that it doesn't resemble a..
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